Christ Ahnsahnghong and the Truth Books

18 Jun

Christ Ahnsahnghong sacrificed so much when He was on the earth to save His loving children. During the daytime our Father Ahnsahnghong did very hard working and had rice porridge at meal. And during the nighttime Christ Ahnsahnghong wrote the truth books for His children and let us know the secret of the Bible, God the Mother. Human being must eat some food to live and work, in the same way, the members of the World Mission Society Church of God must eat the spiritual food, the words of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, to live forever and ever in the Kingdom of Heaven.


A meal

“…the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes   we are healed.” (Isa 53: 5)

When I was having lunch after reading this verse recently, a thought    flitted through my mind.

“Do I, as a mere sinner deserve to have this wonderful meal?”

On the table, there were boiled rice, some various side dishes and even  delicious stew. What about Father Ahnsahnghong?  He would never have had even a chance to eat one single bowl of warm rice in this world.  Thinking of Heavenly Father who would have preached in the mountain, alleviating His hunger with hardtack and streams, my eyes suddenly ached with tears.

Then I realized that just as Father was whipped for me, such a prodigal sinner, all hunger and raggedness were suffered by Him as well. Even though I always eat square three meals a day, I have never thought about where this peace and comfort we are enjoying right now might come from.  Without the sacrifice and love of God the Father, and God the Mother. We never exist right now.

Our Father Ahnsahngong! I am sorry but give thanks to You.  Even though You always starved, You used to give something to Your children.  Father always loves me with sincerity, even though I continue to commit a sin against Him. Now, as Father asked us to do, I would like to become children of God, who follows Mother until the end wherever She goes.   I intensely miss Father. I hope we could be with Father and Mother soon.

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Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother’s Dream

14 Jun

Why did Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother come to this earth?

That is to find their lost children from heaven. To Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, loving children are everything. Also, Our Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother are everything to the members of World Mission Society Church of God. Even though we committed sin against God, Father and Mother have forgiven us with great love.

Now, I want to become a good child listening and practicing what God the Mother says for salvation.

Christ Ahnsahnghong had Children

-Mom’s dream-

In my mom’s cell phone, my number is saved in the name of “my dream”.

One day, I asked her with some curiosity, “Mom, why did you save my number like that?” “My girl is mom’s everything.  Her life is my life and she is my dream and that is why I did it.”

When I feel pleased, so does she, and when I feel sad, she feels more sorrowful. I must be mom’s everything and her only hope for sure.

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Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother Serve Mankind

11 Jun

Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother came to this earth to serve, not being served as a good example. The members of WMSCOG(World Mission Society Church of God) follow the teachings of God the Mother.
It was the day when the event for New Jerusalem’s Day was held. Through the blessings of Heavenly Mother, many brothers and sisters could participate in the event. The more thankful thing was that my husband was also blessed to make it to the event.
On the way home after everything was over, all our church members shared the fragrance of Zion on the bus and it was such a wonderful time. Actually, many male adults participated this time and Heavenly Mother encouraged and blessed them who work hard. One sister expressed feeling sorry for her husband who works hard till dawn, regretting she hasn’t taken care of him well.
On that day, however, a missionary gave us a homework to do. That is, husband and wife wash their feet each other and youths and students wash their parents’ feet and then bring their pictures for confirmation.
Hearing this, everyone had a big smile on his/her face.
I just kept laughing because it should be a kind of embarrassing. However, everyone seemed to be so interested in it with the fact that they were supposed to get some gifts when making some pictures for confirmation.
I myself also decided to take a picture of it but when I got home, I just dozed off and couldn’t do it.
Next day, female adults brought their pictures and I could find that everyone had such a bright smile on his/her face. They just washed their feet each other, which was quite simple and easy but huge happiness was found in them. Looking at the pictures, I also decided to do it for my husband myself. As my husband came back home, I urged him to hurry for it. In the beginning, he seemed kind of unhappy with the unexpected situation but then, he made a smile on his face soon. He even made some different poses in front of the camera.
He said he preferred his left side to be taken a picture, asking me to change the direction and take another picture. As I did whatever he said to me, he tried harder to make a pose and take a picture. Watching him doing that, I was so much happy. I don’t even remember how hard we laughed.
It was such a simple and trivial thing to wash feet each other, but it surely was a great gift and happiness to our family. I myself also made up my mind to take care of and love him all the more, washing his feet too.
Heavenly Mother, I truly give sincere thanks to You for allowing me this great happiness and realization.

At the day of Passover, one of the Feasts of God, we wash our feet each other by following the teaching that Jesus taught 2000years ago before eating the bread of the Passover and drinking the wine of the Passover. Nowdays, God the Mother washes her loving children’s feet with smile so that we can be saved. I give thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who came to this earth to save us with humble position.

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Christ Ahnsahnghong is a Good Shepherd

5 Jun

What is a mission of good shepherd? It is that taking care of sheep from wolves and feeding them. In the same way, Christ Ahnsahnghong is our good shepherd because He protects us from bad shepherd, false prophets, and lead us to the kingdom of heaven. Also, Christ Ahnsahnghong let us know the last secret of the Bible, God the Mother through whom we can receive the eternal life. Our Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong came to this earth a second time to save His children through the New Covenant Passover.

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<Guided by Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother>

I am a youth working as a guide in a public institution.
When I first started the job, I really wanted to quit it right away because of tough and tiring work. However, as I assisted the people who needed my help, I could feel rewarded and even realize their warm heart that I have never felt before.

An old man who keeps saying, thank you for helping me, even though you must have been so busy.”
An old woman who slipped some snacks and coffee into my hand and students greeting with bright smile….

From time to time, something bad happens but only with the word of encouragement and consolation, my hurt feeling melts away. Only thing I did was to guide people to go to the right direction that they want to go, but from the elderly to students and kids greet each other with a nod.

All of a sudden, the lost brother and sisters occurred to me. Still now, they should be wandering in the dark world, not knowing how to get to the kingdom of heaven. We are very thankful when someone shows me the way in the building. Then, what about Heavenly Mother who always guides us to the eternal heaven and even accompanying us so we do not get lost nor wander any more. How much should we be thankful for Heavenly Mother?

As we are all God’s called ones who are now on the way to heaven, we’d better guide our lost brothers and sisters who are wandering to the right path to heaven. That way, we could altogether enter the kingdom of heaven without fail.

Also, we should never be out of Heavenly Mother who is surely guiding us to the kingdom of heaven.

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Christ Ahnsahnghong

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Christ Ahnsahnghong giving us spiritual food

3 Jun

Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother give us spiritual food so that we can go to Kingdom of Heaven. WMSCOG keeps God’s commandments in the Bible.


“Caitlyn, eat your breakfast!”

Without considering my urgent voice, there she goes again dawdling…

“If you don’t hustle, you wouldn’t make to school!”

Another usual talk that goes every morning to my seven-year-old daughter, wasting her time; not wanting to eat her breakfast.

As they always say, “breakfast is the most essential meal of the day,” my child would grow well when she had hardy breakfast, but when she didn’t, she would get sick quite often and wouldn’t grow.

I try my best for her to eat breakfast, but it doesn’t seem to work out easily.

One day, I happened to notice myself putting pressure on her to eat up her breakfast.

Though Heavenly Mother gave me spiritual food every day, I noticed that I was stubbornly dawdling like my daughter.

In the meantime, though I was preaching the words of life to others, I wasn’t quite full with the Holy Spirit, but lacking 2%. It was all because I haven’t taken my spiritual food regularly.

We need to eat three meals a day regularly for us to maintain a healthy body.

Likewise, I realized that we consistently needed to eat spiritual food with thanks, elaborately prepared by our Heavenly Mother for our souls to grow strongly.

Despite of all this, it was a common thing for me delaying; becoming all lazy and saying to myself, “I’m too busy today,” or “I have lots of things to do, I’ll do this tomorrow.”

Now I began to realize that I shouldn’t delay no more.

For me to realize, Mother showed myself through my daughter.

Through her, Mother makes me feel how Mother considers me and hastens me every morning for me to eat up my spiritual food.

For breakfast, I would have strengthening food called fragrance of Zion, for lunch, I would be ruminating with Father’s hidden manna – the truth of green feed, and for supper, I would be drinking Mother’s water of life that she pours down on us at all seasons of the year.

Through this, I would like to become a mature child who gives a smile on Mother’s face.

Not leaving this foolish, dying child all alone, reviving me with spiritual food, and leading me to the eternal kingdom of heaven; I give eternal thanks for Her great love and grace.

Just as we can’t live without eating physical food, so our spirit can’t live without eating spiritual food.

I give thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who give me strength and wisdom through spiritual food.

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Christ Ahnsahnghong is King David

God the Mother is exist


Christ Ahnsahnghong is waiting

29 May

Even though we are sinful nature and slow to realize, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother are always waiting for us with full of smile. How can I deny the greates love? I give all thanks and praise to Elohim God in WMSCOG.


Love is “Waiting”

 When I was in elementary school, I always tried to memorize the multiplication tables after supper.Day by day, I would go and on memorizing after school. Finally, it was the day when I succeeded. My parents were full of smiles, and I was really proud of myself. Since I was a slow learner, being anxious, I would always complain to my parents. My parents would then just smile and pat my shoulders. Looking at my exam papers full of red marks just like a red shower, they would have been more anxious than me thinking, “What if my child is way behind others?” But they would never push me to study, but waited until I did well by myself. Thinking of how my parents in my childhood, I believe my parents’ life was an “endless waiting.”

 When I was in my mother’s womb, they waited for me to be born for a time of 10 months. Even when I first started to walk, when I first started to talk, they waited. I would cry day and night and would have annoyed them, not wanting to be apart from them for even a moment. Though I got sick frequently making them always feel anxious, all that they remembered about me was a cute little baby toddling and saying “mommy or daddy.” Though I was slow and lacking compared to other children, they would think it’s their entire fault and felt sorry. They would always take care of me as an apple of their eyes, fed me the best food, and always prayed for me to grow well. Parents call this kind of love, “the elders’ love for the young,” or “parental love.”

 The source of this love comes from the continuous time of waiting, and from the infinite belief towards their child.  Our Heavenly Parents, who came down to this earth to find Their lost children… Our Heavenly Parents’ love is much more than that. “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! (Isa 49:15)”  Like how it says, Heavenly Mother willingly came with lowly clothes of a sinner. Heavenly Parents’ love is so deep that they would never give up though the children are slow to realize. Their children found in the long time of waiting, for 6,000 years. They would always cover the children’s sins, always give teachings full of love, guide them to the best ways, and always praise them even for their small efforts. Though They would never have a day without worry or concern towards Their children, They would earnestly pray for them all night long, always firmly believing that their immature children would realize. Through all this, they would forget Their safety.  Thinking about the heart of my Heavenly Parents, I look back, if I was truly a good daughter.

 Though Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother is pleased seeing Their children uniting with each other, rather embracing my brothers and sisters with love, didn’t I push them away from me just because they were different from me? Though Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother always waiting and endured, rather waiting for my brothers and sisters to realize, didn’t I just gave up on them? Thinking about my past, I can’t lift up my head being so sorry and embarrassed to my Heavenly Parents. Though I said I knew Their hearts, those were the days which I never really tried to put Their words into actions. I truly thank Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for loving me, and waiting for a long time for this weak child to realize. From now on, I will love my brothers and sisters, even the parts they are lacking, understand, help them, and walk the way of the gospel work which God is pleased with.

Now, Our Father Christ Ahnsahnghong is waiting for us in heaven. As soon as we change as God’s people, He will lead us to the Kingdom of Heaven. Let us go back to our hometown with Our Heavenly Mother.

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Life that never ends/Christ Ahnsahnghong/God the Mother

29 May

Our spiritual life is given by Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

Our physical fathers and mothers gave us a life of 70~80 yrs, but our Spiritual Father and Mother, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother give us the eternal life. Let us prepare the life for our spirit in World Mission Society Church of God.


In the morning, I read an article that really touched me.
An Australian woman delivered twins after 27 weeks. The daughter was born relatively healthy, but the son weighing 2.2lbs, was having difficulty in breathing.
Though the medical team quickly gave first aid, but the child lost its breath and died.
However, the mother and the father didn’t give up and asked the doctor for a last chance.
She embraced her child and while touching the child’s cheek with hers, the mother breastfed. Two hours passed and something unbelievable happened.
The child, who was supposed to be dead, started moving its fingers.
“Something happened that we can just express it as a miracle. When my son slightly held on my finger, at an instinct I knew that our relationship didn’t end.”
The child’s breathe became normal and eventually became healthy. He is growing up healthily like normal children. Mother’s burning love that revived a heart is truly amazing.
I give thanks to God the Mother who never gives up on us, running towards the way of death.20120420_175633

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